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Big Papi Steroid Scandal
Written by Kurt T. Poway on 05/13/2013
Saturday morning, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz shocked the world. In a move of unquestioned contrition, honesty and humility, Big Papi stepped up to the microphone and accepted the consequences of his actions.Right. And if you believe that, I have som...

A-Rod swings for 600. But who really cares?
Written by on 07/31/2010
The year is 1987. Michael Jack Schmidt, one of the all-time greats and arguably the greatest Philadelphia Phillies, is entering his late 30s. But hes still got a little gas in the tank. Just enough to get him to a major milestone: 500 home runs. Hed...

Josh Hamilton Acts Like a Role Model
Written by Greg Michaels on 08/11/2009
When Josh Hamilton apologized upon his return to Major League Baseball, he did and said all of the right things. Yes, he had messed up and almost thrown away a potentially lucrative and amazing career, playing a kids' game for millions of dollars. Bu...

Ignore Hank Aaron, Pete Rose does not belong in Hall
Written by Samuel Trigg on 08/10/2009
Last month, the greats of the game gathered in pastoral Cooperstown, New York to celebrate their own. Fans flocked from across the country to see their heroes knighted. Its one of the most wonderful and American of moments in sports.And sadly, it wou...

Alex Rodriguez and the MLB Steroid Era
Written by Kurt T. Poway on 02/11/2009
In the spirit of Sunday night's Grammy awards, let me now quote famous American songwriter Paul Simon: "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?" The innocence and beauty of America's pastoral game took another dark turn over the weekend, when it...

NLCS Preview
Written by Kurt T. Poway on 10/07/2008
With the exception of the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals, the teams that generally advance deep into the MLB playoffs are those that are hot going into the final month of the season. It should be no surprise then that the fading Cubs and Brewers posed litt...

MLB Trade Deadline deals
Written by on 08/01/2008
If you left the country for a few days and didn't look at the Internet while you were gone, you might be puzzled by the look of your new team. With teams like the Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays battling for division crowns, teams in both leagues...

MLB Mid-Season Awards
Written by Greg Michaels on 07/13/2008
The halfway mark in game played for the 2008 season may be well in our rearview mirror, but we have just reached the All-Star break, which seems as good a time of any for me to reveal award winners for the halfway mark of the season. MVPNLChase Utley...

Clemens Continues to Spin
Written by on 01/09/2008
Was that roid rage we witnessed Monday in Houston when Roger Clemens went on his tirade against reporters? Just kidding. Don't tell the Rocket I said that. Despite his best intentions, assuming for a second Clemens has anything besides self-interest...

2007 Red Sox v. Angels Playoff Predictions
Written by Greg Michaels on 10/04/2007
The Sox have built a high-powered offense, and it cost them some Yankees-like money. But it appears to be a spending spree that has paid off.  The Sox finished third in the league in runs and second in on-base percentage. The offense was not the only...

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