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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are unit values calculated?
    Each unit is equal to $100 earned so on -110 odds you would need to wager $110 to win $100.  
  • What is the Oddsboard Consensus play?
    The OB Conensus play is our highest rated play(s) of the day in which 5 of our Experts agree on a particular selection, side or total.
  • How much do your picks cost?
    The OB Experts sell their picks for $30 each and the OB Consensus sells for $100.
  • When are your sports picks available for purchase?
    The OB Experts will typically release their picks to members between 10pm-12am PST.  The time will depend on the sport and season as well as when Vegas releases the odds for the following day.  
  • What sports do the Experts handicap?
  • What does it mean "picks are available 10 minutes after start"?
    This means that the public can follow and view each OB Expert's pick 10 minutes after the start of the game.  This is our way of bringing transperancy to our sports handicapping service. 
  • What are the text message alerts for weekly subscriptions?
    Text message alerts are our way of keeping the weekly package members informed on important information that isn't generally releaed to the public.  The alerts can be anything from line changes, injury reports to free picks.  You can always expect the text message alerts to keep you in the loop with information the Experts are receiving.  
  • How do I view the Oddsboard Expert's past performance?
    You can view previous history by visiting an Oddsboard Expert's profile page and viewing the history by the Graph or by Numbers.  The Numbers will give you a specific game by game breakdown dating back to the begining.
  • Which sportsbooks do you recommend?
    Click on the Odds drop down menu in the top right corner of the webpage.  You can view the odds by sport and you will see the 3 most popular sportsbooks we use for odds.
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